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I can't enter the setup menu
Ensure that the PROTECT jumper is connected.

Viseco does not respond to my projector remote control?
Ensure batteries are fully charged in your remote control.

Viseco becomes unresponsive or locks up when I try to teach it my functions?
Check for any infrared sources in the room, such as interactive projectors, IRDA or dimmed LCD screens, these can effect Visecoís iR sensor.
I canít switch my projector ON or OFF, the buttons just flash?
Viseco has been set to allow for projector warm up/cool down, wait for time or disable ChillWarm feature in the SETUP MENU.
My projector doesnít respond to Viseco?
Ensure iR Head is in direct-view of your projector. Try changing the projector Group setting in SETUP MENU.
My projector has been switched off without Viseco?
Viseco will still assume your projector is on, switch Viseco off and on at the AC outlet. Ensure that Viseco is the only means available to control your projector.